Samsung Gear VR Competition

After winning Netwrix’s Sysadmin Blog Award¬†for Tech Tips, the prize of the Samsung Gear VR has turned up today for me in the mail.

I’ve decided to give this away as a prize instead – I have opened it to make sure it wasn’t damaged in transit as the box is a little beaten up, but haven’t used it as I don’t have a Samsung phone :)

Simple and straight forward, use the widget below to enter. Worldwide entry allowed, assuming the local post office will let me send it to you and I’m not breaking any international laws.

If the winner wants to do a review or share a photo of them with the prize, I’d gladly share that on my blog too, but this isn’t a requirement.

I’m also not a supporter competitions that promote spamming, so there’s no entries for sharing this. Good luck!


A somewhat beat up box, but the contents are fine!

Samsung Gear VR Competition