Netwrix Sysadmin Blog Awards Finalist (and Winner!)


Netwrix has picked this blog as one of the finalists in it’s blog awards! As their post on this says, the blogs shortlisted “based on the regularity of blog posts, the variety of topics covered and feedback from readers.” For anyone reading this, and particularly those who have supported, shared or commented; I really appreciate you support, and it’s little nods like this that just give another layer of approval and why I do this.

There isn’t too much else to say, but please continue to give feedback, comment (I really enjoy both the ‘this worked for me!’ or the ‘this didn’t work, but this did’ comments) or start your own blog up if you think of something to share – I’m happy to give advice to anyone, or host a guest blog post if you want to give it a try yourself :)

Here’s the list of all the finalists. Check out their blogs as there’s something for everyone there (I’ve had a look through all of them!)

Best Cloud Computing Blog

Best IT Security Blog

Best Tech Tips for System Administrators Blog

Most Humorous Blog

24/7 Tech Support Blog

IT Career Blog


Update 17th March 2017 won it’s category for “Best Tech Tips for System Administrators”! Thanks Netwrix and I’m looking forward to playing with the Samsung VR unit :)

Winners list here

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