SCSM 2010 and SCOM 2012 Consoles

Thought I’d share this quick one, not many people will run into it, but anyway:

It seems that the SCSM 2010 console and the SCOM 2012 console can’t co-exist on the same box. A bit of a pain if you’ve built your centralised tool box.

I found this Microsoft Technet thread about the issue:

The symptom is trying to launch the SCSM 2010 console and getting the error:

Failed to connect to server ‘scsmserver’
The container could not findĀ a component with name ‘ConfigurationExtension’…

The fix, is pretty much to uninstall SCOM 2012 console, and reinstall SCSM 2010. Bit of a pain, and hoping that SCSM 2012 can co-exist with SCOM 2012.

Service Center 2012 is out

All the Service Center 2012 programs have gone RTM!

I downloaded them all during the week and spent tonight upgrading Systems Center Operations Manager (SCOM) 2007 to 2012.

Getting SCOM 2007 ready was the time consuming bit. I had to apply roll up 5 which was a rather long process, then work out how to enable SQL’s full text search and apply a few extra updates to finally get the 2012 installer happy.

Thankfully the actual install was quote smooth (even though it took about 30 minutes) and everything seems to be working fine after allowing the clients to update.

SCVMM might be next, and SCCM is a while away as I need some new servers at all our sites to get that one going.

SCSM might be sooner, I need to read up on how easy it is to upgrade, but may end up doing a fresh install and starting again, we will see.

Fun times ahead!