SCSM 2010 and SCOM 2012 Consoles

Thought I’d share this quick one, not many people will run into it, but anyway:

It seems that the SCSM 2010 console and the SCOM 2012 console can’t co-exist on the same box. A bit of a pain if you’ve built your centralised tool box.

I found this Microsoft Technet thread about the issue:

The symptom is trying to launch the SCSM 2010 console and getting the error:

Failed to connect to server ‘scsmserver’
The container could not find a component with name ‘ConfigurationExtension’…

The fix, is pretty much to uninstall SCOM 2012 console, and reinstall SCSM 2010. Bit of a pain, and hoping that SCSM 2012 can co-exist with SCOM 2012.

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