Device Limit Reached – Intune Company Portal App

Device limit reached – You have added the maximum number of devices allowed by your company support. Plesae remove a device from the Azure portal or get help from your company support.

There’s a limit to the amount of devices you can register for the Intune Company Portal app.

To fix this, yes you’ll need to remove a device attached to your account. This is not done via Outlook for Web, where you can remove devices – that’s purely for Outlook. It’s also not done via as it’s not removing it from Azure.

As per Microsoft Documentation , there’s Intune device limits, and Azure device limits. Intune / EndPoint Manager has a maximum of 15 devices, where Azure has a default of 20, but can be changed to a few different values, including ‘unlimited’.

Intune / Endpoint Manager Device Limits
Azure Device Limits

To remove devices from a user, and admin should use Azure Active Directory and go to Users > Find the user > then under Manage, choose ‘Devices’. Any old device (check by the activity date) can be selected and deleted.

After removing enough devices here, you should be able to register the new device via the Intune Company Portal app again – and in my testing, this was next to instant.

3 thoughts on “Device Limit Reached – Intune Company Portal App

  1. Good stuff, but as an IT person how does one azure join devices without using up a device. As per the documentation one has to use up a device to do an AAD join:
    “When you connect a Windows device with Azure AD using an Azure AD join, Azure AD adds the following security principals to the local administrators group on the device:

    The Azure AD global administrator role
    The Azure AD joined device local administrator role
    —-The user performing the Azure AD join—–”

    So as an IT person I quickly depleted my device count as I registered 15 devices for employees and add there AAD accounts (first need to set up software for employees etc, and do not want to use a local account), and I so cannot delete devices as that would deactivate them for the current users. I should have removed my IT account afterwards (which is apart of the “The Azure AD joined device local administrator role” anyways ), but didn’t realize it was an issue with device limit.
    I tried setting Device limit for my principal to Unlimited but it wasn’t an option.
    Any others know of what the protocol is for this?

    1. This does only count for Intune devices, not Azure AD devices. You will get up ending still with an error message saying that you have reached the limit while in Intune you haven’t.

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