Instagram to Twitter With Images

Instagram to Twitter integration sucks.

If you post a picture to Instagram, and use the inbuilt Twitter option, your tweet will end up looking like this:


A link to your Instagram photo rather than the photo itself. However, there are ways you can have your Instagram photo embedded in the tweet, along with a link back to the Instagram post if you like:

A third party app is required to do this, but the good news is that it’s free, automated and runs in the cloud.

If This Then That (IFTTT) can do a bunch of cool automations, called ‘recipes’. It will read off hundreds of different platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The recipe I’m using is “Share your Instagram pics as native Twitter photos” which will monitor your Instagram posts, and automatically copy and tweet anything you do with the Instagram image embedded. You don’t need to use the Twitter option on Instagram itself, as Instagram isn’t doing the work here.

To set this up:
1. Sign up for IFTTT (free), either ignore or go through their introduction.

2. Go to the Recipe and ‘Connect’ to each channel for Instagram and Twitter

3. Click ‘Add’ on the Recipe window (this shows up once the channels

4. Go to ‘My Recipes’ in the top bar. You’ll see the recipe where you can turn it off, run now (not needed to do since it runs when a new image is posted on your Instagram only) and you can edit the recipe if you want it changed, such as using different text.

That’s it. Post a photo on Instagram and see what happens!


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