Lenovo P50 RAM Install

After reviewing the Lenovo ThinkPad P50, I decided to double the RAM from 16GB to 32GB. You can buy it with more RAM, or install it aftermarket. The RAM that came with mine was Samsung brand, but I bought and added Kingston DDR4 RAM with no issue.

Depending on your RAM configuration, you may just need to add RAM to the bottom of the laptop – as mine already had the sticks under the keyboard.

Lenovo have some great guides on how to take the laptop apart, which I followed:

Step 1 – Remove Battery

Step 2 – Remove Bottom Cover

Step 3 – Take Keyboard Off

Here’s a video I created on opening up the laptop and adding the RAM based on this:


Any questions please ask below!

Update: As Eric Xu pointed out to me, there’s also the great Lenovo Service Training Guide you can check out too :)

5 thoughts on “Lenovo P50 RAM Install

  1. I purchased the P50 with only 8gb of RAM with the intention to perform aftermarket upgrades.
    I am purchasing 16gb (8gb x 2) and plan to replace the 1 8gb stick with the Dual Channel 16gb kit I bought.

    My question is, could I place the left over 8gb RAM stick that came with the system in one of the remaining 2 undercarriage RAM slots? And if I did so, do you know if there would be any negative affect on the system or RAM performance? (like would it mess with the dual channel setup?)


    1. Hi Bob,
      I believe you are right, a single stick will fall the RAM back to single channel and affect the speed. I’d just leave out the 8GB stick, or try to get another one to pair up.

      Performance will probably still be OK, so it depends if you really need that extra RAM or not :)

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