Half-Pink, Half Blue

A light-hearted post today!

“Half-pink, half blue” was the answer I saw to an IT question from an end user, and for some reason it amused me. I decided to ask on twitter, what people thought the question could be that lead to this response:

Jess has a reasonable guess:

Shane however may need to reconsider what interactions he has with users:

John may have been having a bad day:

Daniel however, came up with a pretty good guess. Wrong, but still good:

Tim decided to use a word that made me google it, and even then I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’m sure Tim does:

Daniel came back with another good guess, I’m sure I’ve seen a CRT similar to this:

David however, decided he’d rather a visit to the HR department:

Jim expected the worst from a user, and assumed self injury through poor choices. Maybe he’s been here before:

However, nobody actually guessed the correct answer.

Tough to guess since the colour’s actually red, not pink, but I still liked the answer.