Bing Daily Wallpaper On Your PC

Microsoft Bing’s Free Daily Wallpaper on your PC

Bing releases a daily wallpaper that can automatically be shown on your PC. The images they use are impressive shots of nature, and it’s actually quite nice to see a new daily photo. You can download this for free directly from Microsoft at the link below.

Applies To: Windows 10, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7

The Bing Wallpaper app from Microsoft is a quick install that sits in your taskbar. On a daily basis, it will download and update your desktop wallpaper with a new nature photo.

By right-clicking on the ‘b’ in your taskbar for Bing Wallpaper, there’s a few options:

First you’ll see a description of the image and photographer. If you don’t like today’s wallpaper, you can go back through previous days to one you prefer. The enable daily refresh is on by default, but if there’s a photo you like and don’t want it to change, you can just turn that off.

It’s an easy and free way of keeping your desktop fresh, and a chance to see some awesome photography!

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