Toreba Crane Game Prizes

I’d stopped playing Toreba Crane Game for a while, but had recently gotten back into it again. It’s a rather expensive thing to do, unless you’re very selective and careful about what you play and when. If you’re not sure what Toreba Crane Game is, go back and read my post ‘I won a Japanese Toy?

Anyway, I’ve now stopped playing again after winning a bunch of stuff and requesting shipping. These boxes then turned up a few weeks later:

Within them were many treasures. Here’s each win and the resulting prize:


Shaun The Sheep


Ice Shaver


Hot Wheels Monster Trucks


Solar Powered Fan Hat

Racing Track Game


Luigi Hat


Dog Tooth Game


Fish Sausage


Capybara Slippers

Some of these items are pretty wacky. I couldn’t go past the Capybara slippers, which my wife is now wearing. The Fish Sausage was ‘not food’ according to the description, but it was an easy win and I was curious. After some research, I found out that fish sausages are a common snack in Japan. However, this is a fake, stretchy rubber one that was packaged up like a real one. I have no idea what use I have for this.

The dog tooth game was something I actually wanted to get my son, but the toy broke before I got to use it properly. The Luigi hat is pretty self explanatory, except the game to win that one was to drop a ping pong ball into the white circle. That one’s a bit random and more luck based.

The racing track game I haven’t opened, that’s gone into the cupboard as a Chrismas present for my son. The solar powered fan hat looks incredibly tacky, and I haven’t taken it outside to test it, due to fear of the fashion police arresting me, sending me to fashion jail and throwing away the key. The Hot Wheels were opened and actually pretty good quality wise (I can’t tell if they’re knockoffs or not) so that was an actual decent prize.

The ice shaver hasn’t been opened yet either – it’s to make shaved ice but I have no idea why/how/what or if I’ll lose a finger trying it. We’ll see. Finally up the top was a small Shaun the Sheep toy. That one I got first shot, but I still may have been able to get it cheaper from a $2 shop :)

I wouldn’t suggest you play this due to the expense, but if you want watch or play you can do it from a PC browser as well as on Android.

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