Crane Game Toreba – I Won A Japanese Toy?

I’m still not sure what I think about this, but thought it was worth sharing:

I saw an advert online to install an app from the Play Store – ‘Crane Game Toreba; win real prizes!’. Out of interest due to a childhood of playing skilltesters, I wanted to check out what it was


I’d been watching a few YouTube videos on arcade games, and the Japanese ones are a bit different to the ones I’m used to in Australia:

I installed the app; their main website is with links to Android and iOS versions of the app. Weirdly, the app lets you pick a Japanese crane game with a particular prize, and play it. You get 3 shots for free with a new account, then need to start paying for turns.

I say weirdly, because this isn’t an animated game. It’s a real life crane that you control, with two webcam views. Via the internet, you’re remotely controlling an electronic and mechanical crane in Japan, trying to win a prize.

The prizes themselves are very Japanese, of which many I have no idea what they are. You can also win food, or sometimes both; such as a soft toy watermelon slice. Something we all need in our lives.

Here’s someone winning a ‘Grand Blue fantasy Byi stuffed’ with the crane, which again I’m not sure what it is….

I was suckered in after my 3 free shots and not winning, but decided to play a ‘ping pong’ game instead. This is where a ping pong ball is scooped up, and dropped into a second area. You win if the ball lands in a particular hole.

It took a few shots, but I won! They sent me a link of the replay of my win, which you can watch too.

The cost to play incudes free shipping worldwide, which means this thing should turn up on my doorstep in a few weeks:


I’m sure my son will have fun with it, being 17 months old. I don’t think I’ll play the game again either, but there’s something both interesting and strange about this whole setup. Remote controlling a silly game somewhere else in the world to try and win a prize seems both so right, and so wrong.

If nothing else, try the game for your free 5 shots. You don’t have to use a credit card, and it just seems to use your Play Store or Google Play account.

Referrals used to exist but seem to be gone now, but you can register your credit card for 5000TP:

Update 1st August 2016

A few days ago, my prize turned up in a giant box! Here it is on my couch for scale.. makes a great pillow.


Update 31st August 2016

I decided to play again with some credit I received, and won a ‘Star Master’ which projects a bunch of lights and stuff. Here’s me winning it!

Update 19th June 2017

I hadn’t played this for ages, but some comments here reminded me to try again. This time I won some sort of racing track, which took about 8 turns to win:

Update 20th August 2017

OK, I played a bunch this time and wrote up a separate post with all my wins!

35 thoughts on “Crane Game Toreba – I Won A Japanese Toy?

    1. Sometimes they put snacks and candy up there… not often, but the app will notify you of each new item available.

  1. I tried your code but it said it had been used the maximum amount of times 😥
    It here is mine! FQ3XFDYV
    Glad to see someone actually win! I bombed my first 3 tries lol

  2. My invitation code is X76AQFTF please send. May i ask? I have entered other people invitation code once today. Then i can’t enter another invitation code, will it be available on the next day? Or we have a chance to enter 1 invitation code only? Just few seconds I thought it was able for you to enter many codes in a day.

  3. You can use invitation code fxlsgcnr

    I won a Cocktail Shaker set hahaha. Fun to play. Had never heard of this until I read this blog. Thanks!

  4. I dont get how to move the crane around and drop the claw on the spot you want, game keeps freezing on me but taking my plays

  5. I won a tote bag yesterday. Very fun game. My referral code is DP5EMUMK. I’ll update my comment when all 10 uses are up.

  6. My code is TAAPSDW6 (Click on three lines at bottom right, then go to account service, then click on invitation code and enter TAAPSDW6 into box)

  7. Hi, I know it has been a few months since this post but do you know if Toreba still does invitation codes? and if so where do you put them in at? Thanks

  8. I’ve stopped playing this for a while – the app itself is no longer in the Android Play Store, and has to be loaded as a 3rd party thing. No idea on referral codes.

    Has anyone won anything of interest? :)

    1. Love this app so much. Just won a Godzilla keychain and an Alice in Wonderland pack back not too long ago. Also really curious now if the do invite codes anymore.

    1. You can get 10,000 credits for $10US, and each shot is somewhere between 1500-2000 credits depending on the machine. Usually it’s $1.80US a shot.

  9. My mom wont let me download it because she says it will steal personal info and identity. And commit identity theft :(. I want to download it so bad but my mom and dad wont let me.. Guess i will have to wait 7 years just to play a crane game… 😫😥🙄😞😖☹😭😭👿😠👎🏻

    1. Hi Bella,
      You have to pay every single turn, so you can go through lots and lots of money very quickly with this app. At least you can watch videos of people winning prizes for free!

  10. I won a prize with the 5 free turns and it wants a credit card number to ship it which is dumb cause what if people don’t have one like me

    1. I would just wait until the free day that they give you for shipping. They give you one free day within 7 days. And they hold on to the prize for 14 days for you.

      1. That’s the best way – but if you only won with free credits, they probably dont want people signing up again and again with different accounts and it’s a way to verify you’re real :)

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