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Update 19th March 2021:

Kevin Krouch has a great script you can run across your entire tenant to identify everyone who might have a Microsoft account. Once it’s run, you can run this to only see the ‘True’ results:

$results | where HasMSAccount -eq “True”

Microsoft have an updated article on how to resolve accounts that have both a Microsoft and Work or School account attached.

Original content:

If you’re using Office 365 and/or Azure, you may have run into this scenario. If you want detailed information about Microsoft Accounts vs Work or school accounts, read this comprehensive article.

For people who set up a Microsoft Account on a work email address, and then configured it for Office 365/Azure, you’d be used to seeing this screen every time you log in:

It’s necessary, but annoying when you’re signing in a lot. I’m not sure how long this has been around, but you can change the email address associated with your Microsoft account, and move it away from your work email address.

And you may notice, there’s that ‘Tired of seeing this?’ message. My brain blocked that out, so you can follow that link too :)

Atwork have a writeup on how to change the email address (the first link gives a 404 message, but you’re still in the right place to make the changes). I tested this on my own account, and within a few minutes I was no longer seeing the choice between Work or Personal when signing into Office 365/Azure services.

Combine that with ADFS or Azure AD Connect Pass-Through Authentication to make your Microsoft sign-ins a quicker process!

2 thoughts on “Remove Microsoft Account or Work Account

  1. Hello,

    The title of this is “Remove Microsoft account or work account”, but you’re not talking about the actual removal?
    It’s a big problem removing an Azure AD work account from Windows phone because it’s just not possible.
    I also tried it from the OWA interface (removed the phone from the device list) but it’s still not working and still not able to remove it from the phone.

    Kind regards,

    Cris Kolkman

    1. Yes you’re right, I’m talking about moving it elsewhere – which you can abandon if you choose.

      Removing from a Windows Phone? Been a while since I’ve touched one! If you get that stuck, just reset the device after making sure it’s all backed up, and restore it. It shouldn’t restore the work account settings without a password being entered for it.

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