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I’ve been knee deep in Lync 2010 lately, and one thing I was working on was setting up some Response Groups. Simple enough, people call a number and it goes through to a few different staff on various extensions. The main annoyance from people calling the new Response group was the Music On Hold. As soon as you ring and hit the response group, you’re put on hold – it should be ringing on the phones of the members of the response group, but the caller hears on hold music. This can be confusing for people, so the easiest thing to do is to switch the Music On Hold to the exact same noise Lync uses when a phone is ringing.

This is done by modifying Step 7 in the Response Group:

lync response group


You can find the Lync WAV files on any computer with Lync 2010 installed, under C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Lync\Media\

* Updated 4th March 2014: Stephen Dolphin in the comments below nots that the Lync 2013 path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15\MEDIA *

COMMUNICATOR_ringing.wav is the default one that most people will be familiar with. Otherwise you can find a normal ringing phone WAV file from anywhere and use that, such as this one:


After doing this, the callers don’t actually know they’re in a queue unless you’ve enabled other settings in the Response Group to make it obvious.


10 thoughts on “Lync 2010 Response Groups and Ringing

  1. Hi Adam, useful and if you’re a UK company you should note that on hold music is subject to PPL enforcement (not the same as PRS) too – another reason to change away from music!

    1. Good point Stephen, it’s the same in Australia – if you’re publicly playing any music including on hold, you’re supposed to pay a yearly fee for licensing.

    1. Hi Greig,
      Great article – point taken on a caller getting charged but hearing a ringing indicating that they haven’t had a connected call yet.

      Your workaround is a great suggestion on getting around this, really appreciate you sharing.


  2. there is the possibility of increasing the response to more than 4 step ?? my biggest problem is that I need to configure 8 user numbers and the interactive workflow only allows 4 step, is there any solution for this?

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