Safe Mode from Windows To Go USB

I’ve been having an issue where my Windows To Go USB (running Windows 8 of course) logs onto a black screen. Since I can’t do anything apart from wave the cursor. Want to get into Safe Mode? It’s not obvious on how to do this, so here’s how to get there:

You should have BitLocker enabled, so at startup it willl say “Bitlocker – Enter the password to unlock this drive”. Below this, you have two options. “Press Enter to continue” and “Press Esc for BitLocker Recovery’.
Both don’t sound helpful, but press Esc. From the BitLocker Recovery screen, you get another option down the bottom that says ‘Press Esc for more recovery options”.
Doing this gets you to a third screen that says ‘Recovery – There are no more BitLocker recovery options on your PC”.
From here, there is a final option of “Press F8 for Startup Settings”. Pressing F8 takes you back to the BitLocker password entry screen, but this time after entering your password you’ll finally see all the Startup Settings, including Safe Mode.

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  1. That’s what I thought, you’d sit there being annoyed for a minute – it’s really not obvious you’d do this to find it!

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