Printers Showing Offline with Print Server

Quick one here which I thought was notable:

I had an issue where printer queues on Windows Server 2012 were showing as Offline. They worked perfectly fine though. I could ping the printers, so it wasn’t that SMNP was being blocked.

The strange fix was to go into the Printer Properties > Ports tab > Configure Port button. From there, I had to tick the option ‘SNMP Status Enabled’ and press OK (it was off by default). That didn’t fix it, but going back in and turning that option off again and pressing OK, fixed it. The printer I tested this on came online. After doing it to several more printers, each one changed it’s queue status to “Ready”.

SNMP Status Disabled:printer

SNMP Status Enabled:printer

SNMP Status Disabled again:printer

I have no idea why this was needed, or why it worked – but it did, and was reproducible many times. If you run into this problem, it might be the quick fix you need.


It’s more advanced than turning off and on again, as there was the extra step at the start of turning on :)

Conspiracy theories as to the real reason for this are welcome in the comments