How To Reset Your PC

Reset Your PC

You can Reset your PC if you’re experiencing problems and want to start afresh

  1. Click on ‘Start’
  2. Choose ‘Settings’ – the cog image near the ‘Start’ button
  3. In the ‘Windows Settings’ screen, choose ‘Update & Security’
  4. In the left menu options, choose ‘Recovery’
  5. Under ‘Reset this PC’ choose the ‘Get started’ button

Applies To: Windows 10

Resetting your Windows 10 computer is an easy task to do these days. Going through the above options will trigger the Reset this PC wizard.

If you don’t have administrative access to the device, you’ll first be prompted for those credentials.

Once you have access, you’ll be presented with two choices:

Keep my files – this will leave your files on the device. You ‘should’ be using something like OneDrive to back up all your personal files, and you should back up everything you care about before running a ‘Reset your PC’, but if you’re not sure, and you’re keeping the device for yourself, then this is the safe option.

Remove everything – this is good if you want to start from scratch, or are giving the device to somebody else, as nothing is saved beyond Windows 10 itself.

The wizard will then confirm the option you chose, and after clicking ‘Next’, the process will start. This can take a while depending on the speed of the hardware; but at the end of it, you’ll have a fresh Windows 10 to set up again!