AUTO-VOX W7 Wireless Backup Camera Kit Review

The team at AUTO-VOX kindly sent me out this kit to review. It’s a reverse camera for your car, with a wireless connection between the camera and display unit.

Here’s what you get in the box:

5″ LCD Monitor
Monitor holder suction cup
Camera with connector cable
Car Charger Line (3.5m long) – this goes from the cigarette lighter to the LCD monitor
Power box with antenna (this goes from the camera cable to power)
Manual (which was clearly written and easy to follow)

The kit works in two parts – the display just goes into a cigarette lighter and shows the camera feed whenever the camera is on.

The camera however, needs a 12v power source – which is of course what your car runs off of. The way this works is if it’s wired into the same area as your car’s reverse lights, then it’ll come on when you’re in reverse and stay off at other times. Of course you could wire it to something always on when the car is running and always have it on. The camera mount has double sided tape and a moving arm, so it’s pretty easy to find the right spot/angle for it on the car.

The screen has 3 buttons on the side – left, right, and enter, to control the menus. ‘Pair’ will pair the unit with the camera but I didn’t need to do this, it just worked out of the box. ‘B/C Control’ is brightness/contrast so you can have a picture suited to the light in the car. The ‘Mirror/Normal’ option flips the image depending how you mounted the camera. ‘Guide line’ lets you adjust the guide lines if the default setting isn’t quite right, and of course ‘Reset’ will reset the device.

The picture itself was clear enough, reasonable resolution but not 1080p – but more than clear enough to see what’s behind you.

The entire kit is easy to set up overall, with the only tricky bit getting the wiring sorted for the camera. Depending on your car you may have a hole you can feed the camera through behind the license plate.

One of the ideas I had for this unit was to put it on the front of my Tesla to make up for the inability to use the front camera when parking – but the wiring requirement made this a bit tricky. For that scenario, AUTO-VOX do have a different product available on that has hte same idea, but instead of requiring wiring for the camera, it has built in solar:

This unit is more suited to being a reversing camera only.

The AUTO-VOX W7 Wireless Backup Camera Kit is available to buy on Amazon here:

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