5 thoughts on “Climate Wizard CW-3 Indirect Evaporative Cooler by Seeley International – My Experience

    1. Pity.. thanks for letting me know!! Currently got an evap.. kinda struggles on hot days, and seeleys marketing made it look like this could cool ‘as good as refrigerated’ guess not really. i thought they wouldve run refrigerated gas inside ‘the micro core’ to cool the air down further.

      I thought this was the same as the hybrid evap i saw on facebook (their website is now defunct)
      https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100072155531876 .. this one uses a RCAC unit to cool the evap water, which results in cooler fresh air.

      hope you get it all worked through – and i agree all their videos and brochures talk about heat return and exhaust vents etc. some of the old materials and resellers still talk about 16 degree temperatures…


      Really appreciate you put your experience out here on the web!

      PS: any chance you could give a ballpark in cost for the seeley system?

      1. Ballpark it was $10k – 16 degrees is on a cold dry day :)

        Still looking to have it removed. Refridgerated + Solar Power is your better end result.

  1. Hi, I have the same cw3 unit plus a gas heater connected. I also have an air return duct and zoning installed, but my experience has been exactly as you have described above. I’ve also had the same fault with the water sensor, twice. Both times fixed by a seeley tech but on the second occasion the tech made some modifications and lowered its fixing point which seems to have fixed the issue, for now. On really hot days we keep the roller shutters down on all windows and curtains drawn over the glass sliding doors and utilise a couple of fans to help circulate the cool-ish air around the house. But what you say is correct. It most definitely has not lived up to what was advertised and promised. How has your accc dispute gone?

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