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Had to share this one. I had finished setting up my new gaming PC and wanted to try a game – so thought Battlefield V would do the trick, which is ‘free’ under my Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which gives access to EA Play. Except, it doesn’t work, and doesn’t say why:

Anyway, I decided to use EA’s online chat support. Unsurprisingly, it’s not a fun experience – because online chat support rarely is. I’d already spoken to them once where their suggestion was to uninstall and reinstall the EA Desktop app, and I was coming back the next day on the same case to tell them it hadn’t worked. Read on…

Mamta (9/9/2021, 8:58:55 PM): Thank you for contacting EA HELP, my name is Mamta, may I start with your first name please?
Adam (9/9/2021, 8:59:11 PM): Adam
Mamta (9/9/2021, 8:59:48 PM): Hello Adam, nice to meet you! Hope you’re doing fine.
Adam (9/9/2021, 9:00:10 PM): Thanks you too
Mamta (9/9/2021, 9:00:27 PM): So, how may I help you today Adam?
Adam (9/9/2021, 9:01:07 PM): Case #89886608
Adam (9/9/2021, 9:01:16 PM): returning back after doing what I was told, hasn’t changed anything
Adam (9/9/2021, 9:01:27 PM): There also seems to be other seeing the same issue as me https://answers.ea.com/t5/EA-General-Questions/not-currently-playable/m-p/10710162#M373028
Mamta (9/9/2021, 9:01:57 PM): Okay! Let me see the case first and I’ll try to help you in the best way possible.
Mamta (9/9/2021, 9:03:45 PM): So as per the details provided by you, you’re unable to launch any game using X box game pass.
Adam (9/9/2021, 9:04:35 PM): yes
Adam (9/9/2021, 9:04:44 PM): my ea play account shows ‘play’ next to my name
Adam (9/9/2021, 9:05:13 PM): and logging onto my ea account it says EA Play with Xbox Game Pass
Mamta (9/9/2021, 9:06:19 PM): I am sorry you have had to deal with this, Let me just go through the account first and pull out certain details.
Adam (9/9/2021, 9:07:51 PM): ok
Mamta (9/9/2021, 9:08:25 PM): So, before moving a head could you please help me with your resisted email account with EA?
Adam (9/9/2021, 9:09:19 PM): [email protected]
Mamta (9/9/2021, 9:09:34 PM): Thank you! I am sending you a six-digit verification code to the email linked to your account so that I can verify your account from my end.
Adam (9/9/2021, 9:10:44 PM): 701367
Mamta (9/9/2021, 9:12:07 PM): Thank you for the verification Adam! Now could you please explain what type of error are you getting while starting the game.
Adam (9/9/2021, 9:13:10 PM): i cant start the game – the error is what I logged for this case “Not currently playable Unavailable This item can’t be purchased or played at this tim‎e”
Mamta (9/9/2021, 9:14:37 PM): I can see why you would be upset, Please allow some moments to work on your issue.
Adam (9/9/2021, 9:14:41 PM): all play games I havent played before seem to be like this
Mamta (9/9/2021, 9:15:30 PM): Okay! Let me see what I can do from my end.
Mamta (9/9/2021, 9:18:48 PM): So Adam what all troubleshooting steps you have attempted till now? This information would help us to not repeat any troubleshooting step.
Adam (9/9/2021, 9:19:07 PM): uninstalled and reinstalled the client
Mamta (9/9/2021, 9:22:08 PM): Okay, thanks for the information. Now we’ll move further. Allow me few moments.
Adam (9/9/2021, 9:23:07 PM): also tried on another computer and I see the same problem
Mamta (9/9/2021, 9:23:16 PM): Adam which Xbox are you using to play the game?
Adam (9/9/2021, 9:23:34 PM): its on PC not Xbox
Mamta (9/9/2021, 9:24:32 PM): I apologize for that, let me go through the details of your account.
Mamta (9/9/2021, 9:26:42 PM): Adam could you please confirm whether the network you’re using is a wired or wireless connection.
Adam (9/9/2021, 9:27:04 PM): wired
Mamta (9/9/2021, 9:27:55 PM): Thank you for confirming that! Going ahead with your issue, please stay connected.
Mamta (9/9/2021, 9:29:23 PM): Adam could you confirm the EA Desktop or Origin you’re using is up to date.
Adam (9/9/2021, 9:30:01 PM): yes it is
Mamta (9/9/2021, 9:30:24 PM): That’s great! Hold on a moment Adam.
Mamta (9/9/2021, 9:34:00 PM): Also Adam, I hope you’re running your game as an Administrator please confirm.
Adam (9/9/2021, 9:35:32 PM): yes i am
Mamta (9/9/2021, 9:36:31 PM): Great! Still working on the issue, stay connected!
Mamta (9/9/2021, 9:42:04 PM): Adam it’s taking a bit long then usual. Please stay connectd.
Adam (9/9/2021, 9:46:02 PM): its been 45 minutes so far and we haven’t really done anything
Mamta (9/9/2021, 9:48:51 PM): Adam could you please help me with your Gamer Tag.
Adam (9/9/2021, 9:49:59 PM): gamertag
Mamta (9/9/2021, 9:50:49 PM): Thanks for the information, I’m checking the details. Please allow me few moments.
Mamta (9/9/2021, 9:55:20 PM): Thank you Adam for being connected, as I can see here your you haven’t linked your game pass with your EA account I would request to please kindly contact for the same.
Adam (9/9/2021, 9:56:44 PM): how do I do that, my profile says I already have
Mamta (9/9/2021, 9:59:49 PM): Let me see, if I could help you in this.\
Mamta (9/9/2021, 10:02:11 PM): I apologies there was some technical glitch, as I’m able to see your Game Pass now. However I wouldn’t able to assist you in this matter and request you to contact Twitch for more information.
Adam (9/9/2021, 10:02:34 PM): What has Twitch got to do with this?
Mamta (9/9/2021, 10:04:09 PM): I’m sorry I mean to say “Microsoft”.
Adam (9/9/2021, 10:04:40 PM): I logged this with them first and they said it was an EA problem?
Mamta (9/9/2021, 10:09:41 PM): I really apologize for such a long wait Adam.
Mamta (9/9/2021, 10:11:45 PM): As I have double checked this is a known issue from our end, we have seen that more players are encountering the same issue our team is working to fir this.
Adam (9/9/2021, 10:12:44 PM): so if it’s a problem your end why did you tell me to talk to Microsoft?
Adam (9/9/2021, 10:14:14 PM): How will I find out when this is resolved?
Mamta (9/9/2021, 10:15:14 PM): I really apologize for the miss-information, however when I have checked your account and error provided by you I saw that this is a known issue and many players are facing the same.
Mamta (9/9/2021, 10:16:56 PM): Sadly. As of now we don’t have any update regarding this but we’re still working on this issue.
Adam (9/9/2021, 10:18:31 PM): So will I get contacted when it’s resolved?
Mamta (9/9/2021, 10:21:14 PM): Let me check it for you. Please allow me few moments.
Mamta (9/9/2021, 10:26:05 PM): Thanks for waiting patiently for this issue you can check our official forums whether this issue is resolved or not and yes you will connected when this issue gets resolved.

It was at that stage, almost 1 and a half hours into it, that I closed the browser.

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