How to (really) factory reset a Poly CCX 500


Quick one here, I was testing a few Poly CCX 500 devices for Teams Calling, and wanted to do a factory reset.

The official documentation says:


  1. Disconnect the power, then power on the Poly phone.
  2. As soon as the Poly logo shows on the screen, press and hold the four corners of the LCD display. Note: It may take several tries to get the timing right or to find the correct spots to press on the LCD display.
  3. Release the LCD display when the Mute indicator on the lower-right corner of the phone begins flashing red, amber, and green.

However, I tried this many times without success. Doing large crab claw fingers to cover the 4 corners of the screen was doing nothing beyond hurting my fingers.

I ended up working out it was a timing thing, and the Poly logo shows twice. It will first show, then go to a black screen for a second or two, then re-show the Poly logo. If you press the 4 corners before the Poly logo comes up for the second time – nothing happens. You have to press the 4 corners of the touch screen straight away AFTER the Poly logo has come up for the second time. It won’t register if you do it earlier, and leave your fingers in the right place.

They actually have a video showing this correctly:

Hope this saves someone time! I assume this is the same for CCX 400, CCX 600, Poly Trio C60 etc but haven’t tested those.

Note the default admin password for these phones is ‘456’ and you should be changing this, which is easily done automatically via a Teams Configuration Profile

9 thoughts on “How to (really) factory reset a Poly CCX 500

    1. Hi Steffen,
      Thanks for the link – looks like someone in the comments of a guide from 2011 wrote how to do this – why can’t anyone update the official documenation? :)

  1. nope – doesn’t work on a CCX 400 phone. and poly support documentation and live support may be the worst i’ve experienced in tech – and i’ve experienced a lot of bad support.

  2. CCx400 user here too – this absolutely does not work reliably on this phone. I get that they don’t want anyone to accidentally factory reset their phones, but come on…this is insane.

  3. Haha, I wish I’d scrolled past “Procedure” and saw “However…” :-)
    But as soon as I did so, after wasting a chunk of time, Adam’s instructions did the trick. Thanks!

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