An Impressive Scam

A while ago, I received a strange letter in the mail from Malaysia. I wasn’t expecting anything, so curiously opened the envelope.

Inside was a travel brochure. Made sense as it appeared to have Asian tourist destinations, and be of reasonable quality.

Front cover of brochure

Back cover of brochure

It looked legitimate. A company physical address, email address and a website (which worked at the time, now no longer exists).

Looking a bit further into the brochure, it even mentioned Australia, but also some complementary scratch cards:

Inside brochure

The final pages mentions the prizes in the competition, look at all those cool prizes!

Possible Prizes

Also in the envelope, were the two scratches mentioned above. Here’s the back of one of them:


And here’s the front after I’d scratched them:

Ingeniously, I’d apparently had 1 losing ticket, and 1 ticket that had won second prize rather than first.

All in all, it was a pretty legitimate looking scam that I have to award points for effort :)

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