New Addon Released


This is my excuse for the lack of updates to the blog this year. Meet Isaac, my new baby boy born only a week ago.

I don’t normally get too personal on here, but I think Isaac is allowed an exception. Mum and bubs are doing well, and we’re still adapting to the baby life – primarily the lack of sleep and working out which combination of actions will make Isaac sleep at 4am after a feed.

I have a new found respect for single parents out there to young children – it’s a tiring but rewarding task looking after a little one.

Relating it back to IT, it’s a troubleshooting process that doesn’t have a proven repeatable process, proving the same outcome!

If you’re reading this then I’m sure you love IT, but don’t forget the other important things in life – family, friends and happiness. Having a baby has highlighted this for me, but of course you can still be reminded of these things regardless of your life choices.

On that note, I’d better check the nappy situation.


5 thoughts on “New Addon Released

  1. Hello. Congratulations for that new addon (that soon became in a independent software :)
    To date, no I encourage you to be a father (even though at least, at this stage of life, I can fantasize about something like that… ), but meanwhile, I admire those who already took that step :)
    And of course, beyond work (IT in particular has the ability to turn me in a middle-autistic-like boy), yes, very important to have present that in life they are friends, family and happiness.
    And once again, congratulations!

    1. Thank you very much. Baby steps (heh) I’m sure you’ll get there in the end. Keeping a balance in your life is very important!

  2. Is Isaac a Stones fan already? Congrats :-) (father of two myself, my youngest, daughter of 4 is a HAND full, I can tell you… Stubborn red-head ;-)

    1. Hah, I like Isaac Asimov the author’s name as a better reason for calling him Isaac :) Thank you, and good luck with your stubborn child! :)

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