100,000 Hits!

I am proud to announce that adamfowlerit.com has hit 100k views! I purchased the domain in December 2012 with a total of 52 views for that month (probably all me). January 2014 saw 15,281 views so it’s come a long way!

I wouldn’t have bothered continuing with the website if it wasn’t for everyone’s feedback, comments and discussion. Every comment that isn’t spam (and yes there’s a lot of that, but it gets filtered out really well) means something to me, because hopefully the information I’m posting is helping them.

I.T. is so much based on the sharing of information, and anyone reading this post just like me has searched online countless times to find the answer to a question. If nobody bothers sharing their findings, all this becomes useless.

There’s also a lot of ‘bad’ information out there, but it’s usually written by well meaning people. For me, it’s like the scientific method – I’ll post my findings, but am more than happy to be corrected on any of it. I’m after the truth, which is why it’s important to add to the information I see as ‘bad’ and correct it. I could be wrong then too, and hopefully someone corrects me.

My point is, it’s your responses to what I write that keeps me going. Any feedback positive or negative is appreciated and wanted (unless it’s about my mother) so please share any thoughts you have – article ideas are welcome too.

Again, thank you for making this an enjoyable site to maintain and contribute to.

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