Cinemagraph by Nokia, Waving Idiot.


One of the cooler things the Nokia Lumia 920 can do, which I mentioned previously was making an animated gif from 5 seconds of video. Once taken, you can then choose to animate just part of the picture. The results are often creepy, as demonstrated by me here (click the picture to load the animated gif):



If you’re someone with a keen eye for detail, you’ll notice I have the ‘rare’ grey Lumia 920 (wow) and wearing a Farmers Union Iced Coffee T-Shirt. With the tens of people that will see this post, I am hoping for sponsorship of a daily FUIC from National Foods.

As may be obvious, the phone came back from repairs. Nothing’s changed sadly, I think there’s something wrong with the audio levels of the ear speaker – if I turn it down to 1/10 volume, it’s still loud and clear. Any higher and voices become muffled. I’ll see how this goes.

At this stage, I’m still missing a lot of the functionality the Samsung Galaxy S III has, such as being able to navigate network shares and stream media. I’m hoping more useful apps will launch soon. Games wise, it’s still a pretty sad state in the Windows store too.

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