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I had written this article on a little while ago and thought it was worth resharing. Here’s an extract of the beginning:

Applying for an I.T. role is often a nerve wracking experience. Here’s some tips that I’ve learnt from being on both ends of the hiring process – both going for roles, as well as interviewing and working with Human Resources on what makes a good candidate.

Some of these might sound like common sense, but getting one wrong can mean the difference between being the first pick and the second, especially frustrating when there’s no prize for second place.

You’ve gotten as far as getting an interview, so here’s some fundamental pointers to keep your foot in the door:

1. Research The Company

I.T. people will often apply for a role based on the requirements of the role itself, and not really care what the company does. It’s a fair view to have when searching for roles, but you need to know the basics about the company when talking to them face to face. Check their website, see what they do. Check the news, were they mentioned in anything recently?

It’s important to have this information ready to use, but not to show it off. Forcing your newly acquired knowledge into conversation won’t work well – but many interviewees will ask what you know about the company, and having a response that’s a short and sweet overview will go towards making good impressions….

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