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Vivid Sydney – the Light, Music and Ideas festival is over for another year. I wrote about my experience in attending the event back in June (again, thanks to Intel), and at the time was interviewed about it too.  Now I can present the video addition to my written review, Adam Fowler at Vivid Sydney 2015:


Watching the video (while cringing at my own voice), and re-seeing snippets of the amazing light displays reminded me about how impressed I was. The amount of hours and work that went into the public display is still astonishing to me, with the results speaking for themselves.

Personally, I’m far from being an ‘arty’ type person, but there are things that even the least artistically create of us can take a step back from, and have that feeling of wide-eyed astoundment… even if just for a few fleeting seconds – Vivid Sydney fell into that category for me.

On a more personal note, I look forward to taking my son to experience events like this for the first time. It can be a sensory overload of sorts, but is still a reminder of what we can do as creative human beings. It’s funny how you can find motivation and a sense of achievement from something you had nothing to do with, but get to see the end results. I hope my interview relays these thoughts.

I’m sure all the people behind the event work on many other displays of their talents, but maybe not as much in the public eye as Vivid. I hope they read comments like mine and feel a sense of achievement, as they’ve surely earnt it.

It’s too late this year, but if you get a chance to check out Vivid Sydney in 2016 or beyond, take the opportunity to, have a peek – it’s free!


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